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Holistic, Integrative, and Supportive Therapy

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Belle Tower Group provides holistic, integrative and supportive counseling to communities in the Greater Montcalm County Area and virtually throughout the state of Michigan. 

Our clinicians at Belle Tower Group are an eclectic group of individuals providing innovative and evidence-based therapeutic services; each clinician is recognized through the State of Michigan as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Individuals seeking therapeutic services at Belle Tower Group can be assured a safe, confidential, holistic and integrated approach to counseling services. In addition, our office offers flexible hours as a means to assist busy schedules; night and weekend scheduling is available. Belle Tower Group accepts most insurances, including Medicare/Medicaid plans. Please feel free to contact our office at 616-835-9292  to start taking care of your mental health today. 

Belle Tower Group is woman owned and operated!

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